Bethel Free Will Baptist Church
Giving Living Water to a Thirsty World.

Location: 1417 Herbert St., South Roxana, IL 62087-7207
Mail to: P. O. Box 87207, South Roxana, IL 62087-7207
Phone (618) 254-1308, Fax (618) 254-2067


  Pastor's Page

A Little about Our Pastor:

On January 1st, Dan Smith accepted the pastorate at Bethel Free Will Baptist Church. He now leads us in joining two congregations together to further the kingdom of God. The First General Baptist Church of Rosewood Heights is joining hands with Bethel Free Will Baptist Church to form a new congregation associated with the Illinois and National Association of Free Will Baptists. Dan has been the pastor of First General Baptist Church for 24 years and has several family connections with current and past members of the Bethel fellowship. Come and hear Dan preach the gospel and for sinners to come to Jesus.

A Word About Our Fellowship:

We of our fellowship believe that our mission is: Evangelizing, Equipping, Encouraging and Empowering people for Christ. We want to do things that honor God and fulfill the mission He has left us here to accomplish. By Evangelizing we mean that we want to be actively involved in giving out the gospel to the world around us, to do our best to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. By Equipping we mean that we want to give our people sufficient training and instruction to do the work of ministry so they can be a good soldier of the Lord. By Encouraging we mean that we want to give our people courage, hope and confidence in the Lord. Fellowship is one of the means of encouraging one another and building one another up in the most holy faith. Lastly, by Empowering we mean that we also want to help our people gain the ability to do ministry and enable them to do a great job at whatever ministry God has given to them. We want to give them the blessing to do ministry at every level.



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